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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Regional/Corporate/Utility Turboprop Update for 12-Jul-2017

Updated: 12-Jul-2017 @ 1115

Very quiet start for this Wednesday. There was an earlier flight plan from Voyageur to move the DHC-8-100 back from Muskoka to North Bay after painting, but that seems to have disappeared for the time being.

SH3737 - Short Bros. SD360-300 N970AA Alliance Air Charter (Falcon Leasing Inc.)

Registered 11-Jul-2017; ex D-CCAS, which was delivered across the north Atlantic on 28/29-May-2017.

208B-5408 - Cessna 208B (GC/EX) N648TT Textron Aviation Inc., Wichita, KS

Registered 10-Jul-2017.

FM-29 - Beech King Air B300C N6029S FM29 LLC, Greenwich, CT

Registration cancelled 11-Jul-2017 to United Kingdom. Aircraft was delivered to UK back in Apr-2017, and is seen below at Farnborough with credit to Guido Warnecke.

Guido Warnecke Photo