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Monday, 10 July 2017

Regional/Corporate/Utility Turboprop Update for 10-Jul-2017

Updated: 10-Jul-2017 @ 1400

1028 - ATR-72-212A (600) ES-ATB Regional Jet OU, Tallin (Elix Assets 14 Ltd.)

Registered 29-Jun-2017, ex EI-GCD.

1038 - ATR-72-212A (600) ES-ATA Regional Jet OU, Tallin (AS Air Lease XXVI Ireland)

Registered Jun-2017, ex OE-LIB. Aircraft flew Mönchengladbach - Tallinn 07-Jun-2017 on delivery. 

The former Kalstar ATR-42 2-KKSF that recently flew into Kemble is seen below at Bern, Switzerland on 07-Jul-2017 with thanks to Daniel Schicklin.

447 - DHC-8-202 N447YV Castlelake Inc. (Wells Fargo Bank NW Trustee)

Registration cancelled 06-Jul-2017 to Kenya. Aircraft crossed the north Atlantic 28/29-Jun-2017 on delivery.

537 - DHC-8-103 C-FUCL Avmax Aircraft Leasing Inc., Calgary, AB

Flew Calgary-Int'l, AB - Churchill, MB - Iqaluit, NU - Narsarsuaq - KeflavĂ­k - Bergen 08/10-Jul-2017 on delivery to Fly Viking. The aircraft is seen below at Calgary prior to departure with thanks to Vernon Harvey.

537 - DHC-8-103 C-FUCL
Calgary-Int'l, AB 02-Jul-2017
Vernon Harvey Photo

Also noted at Calgary on 02-Jul-2017 was MSN 83, C-FYDH which had come back to Avmax from Hawkair in 2016.

83 - DHC-8-102 C-FYDH
Calgary-Int'l, AB 02-Jul-2017

880 - BAe3201 Jetstream 32 N880TE Aircraft Leasing Corp., Leoma, TN

Registration cancelled 07-Jul-2017.

265 - CASA 212-CC50 C-GDPP CGG Aviation (Canada) Ltd., Ottawa, ON

Registration cancelled 07-Jul-2017 to U.S.A. Flew Ottawa, ON - Windsor, ON - Detroit-Willow Run, MI - Evansville, IN - Sherman/Denison, TX 26/27-Jul-2017 on delivery.

3064 - Dornier Do328-100 N340PH DOTP LLC., Wilmington, DE

Registration cancelled 07-Jul-2017.

3065 - Dornier Do328-100 N341PH DOTP LLC, Wilmington, DE

Registration cancelled 07-Jul-2017.

10653 - Fokker F27-500 N982MA Dodson International Parts, Rantoul, KS

Registration cancelled 07-Jul-2017.

UE-19 - Beech 1900D N191CJ Raytheon Aircraft Credit Inc., Wichita, KS

Registration cancelled 07-Jul-2017.

208-00074 - Cessna 208 N208SC Hot Wings International Inc., Richmond, BC

Registration cancelled 07-Jul-2017.

208-00372 - Cessna 208 (TT) N551SV Brykin Leasing Corp., Celina, TX

Registered to Gateway Air Center Inc., Merced, CA 07-Jul-2017. Flew Sherman/Denison, TX - St. Johns, AZ - Merced, CA 09-Jul-2017.

208-00594 - Cessna 208 N51AD Rangeflyers Inc.,  Wichita, KS

Flew Wichita-Eisenhower, KS - Great Falls, MT - Anchorage, AK 10-Jul-2017.

208B-0689 - Cessna 208B (SC) N499BA Air Carriers Inc., Bessemer, AL

Registration cancelled 07-Jul-2017. Aircraft crashed Bessemer, AL 01-Dec-2001.

208B-5357 - Cessna 208B (GC/EX) N57AD Textron Aviation Inc., Wichita, KS

Registered 07-Jul-2017.