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Friday, 6 January 2017

Regional/Corporate/Utility Turboprop Update for 07-Jan-2017

Updated: 07-Jan-2017 @ 0900

  • Removed entry for Q400 delivery for Elix/Island Air (did not depart as planned)

  • Two Fokker 50's cross the North Atlantic for Panama

Editorial Note:

Starting with today's report, I have switched the order of the owner/operator information in the heading line for each entry. Previously it had been owner, then (operator) whereas now it will be the opposite, or operator (owner). The owner will no longer include the location of registration, but it will remain with the operator. The revised order can be seen in entries today for ATR-72 & Q400.

B-122 - Beech A100 C-FXAJ Wabusk Air, Moosonee, ON (164061 BC Ltd.)

Damaged when main gear collapsed while under tow at Timmins, ON 29-Dec-2016.

937 - ATR-72-212A (500) PK-WFP PT Wings Abadi Airlines, Jakarta

Became disabled off of paved surface while taxiing at Ketapang 05-Jan-2017. It is only eleven days since the last Wings ATR-72 incident which occurred at Semarang.

579 - ATR-42-500 C-FTIL Bradley Air Services Ltd., Kanata, ON

Registered 03-Jan-2017, ex OY-YBS. Aircraft was officially imported to Canada on 28-Oct-2016, and had arrived in Ottawa Oct-2016 as well, but it had not been registered until now.

822 - ATR-72-212A (500) SE-MDB Braathens Regional Airways AB, Västra Tunhem (Eric Thun AB)

Flew Angelholm - Norwich 03-Jan-2017 in all white c/s for painting, flew Norwich - Angelholm 06-Jan-2017 still all white & no titles, but now with Braathens tail scheme.

917 - ATR-72-212A (500) SE-MDH  Braathens Regional Airways AB, Västra Tunhem (Eric Thun AB)

Flew Angelholm - Norwich 06-Jan-2017 in all white c/s with Braathens titles, for painting.

1360 - ATR-72-212A (600) F-WTDB Nordic Aviation Capital, Billund

Flew Toulouse - Francazal 05-Jan-2017 for storage.

1385 - ATR-72-212A (600) F-WKVI ATR-GIE Avions de Transports Regional, Toulouse

Flew Toulouse - Francazal 04-Jan-2017 for painting. Is for Trujet, and ex F-WWEW.

🔵 4482 - DHC-8-402 C-FQBC World Wide Aircraft Ferrying Ltd., Mississauga, ON

Updating entry for 05-Jan-2017; flew Nome, AK - Petropavlovsk 05-Jan-2017 as it continues on its delivery flight to Aurora.

886 - BAe3212 Jetstream 32 C-GQJT Pascan Aviation Inc., Saint-Hubert, QC

Registration cancelled 05-Jan-2017. Aircraft was last known stored at Saint-Hubert, QC in full Pascan c/s, without engines.

MSN 886 - Jetstream 32 C-GQJT
Pascan Aviation
Saint-Hubert, QC 26-Apr-2016
Kenneth I. Swartz/Aeromedia Communications Photo

🔵 20135 - Fokker F27-050 PH-VLM ?

Flew Saarbrücken - Stavanger - Keflavík 04/05-Jan-2017 on delivery to Air Panama.

🔵 20144 - Fokker F27-050 PH-DMD ?

Flew Saarbrucken - Stavanger - Keflavík 05-Jan-2017 on delivery to Air Panama.

LJ-689 - Beech C90 N100QT Skywerx Aviation Inc., Blair, NE

Registered to Southwest Aviation Inc., Marshall, MN 05-Jan-2017. Flew Blair, NE - Marshall, MN 30-Sep-2016 on delivery.

LW-124 - Beech E90 N90BF Hammond Aviation LLC, Long Island, KS

Registered to Conley Aeronautics LLC, Jackson, GA 04-Jan-2017. Test flown from Olathe, KS 22-Nov-2016 & 09-Dec-2016 and then lew Olathe, KS - Griffin, GA 15-Dec-2016 on delivery.

LA-201 - Beech F90 N111CA Nebrig & Associates Inc., Denton, TX 

Registered to Drewcy Inc., Wilmington, DE 04-Jan-2017.

BY-99 - Beech B200GT N47RM VA Resources LLC, Casper, WY

Registered to Sioux Valley Transport LLC, Jackson, MN 05-Jan-2017. Flew Casper, WY - Grand Junction, CO 16-Oct-2016, and Grand Junction, CO -Spencer, IA - Jackson, MN 16/20-Dec-2016.

FL-1082 - Beech B300 C-GFLZ MLG Inc., Don Mills, ON

Registered 05-Jan-2017; aircraft was officially imported to Canada back on 10-Nov-2016.