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Friday, 9 December 2016

Regional/Corporate/Utility Turboprop Update for 09-Dec-2016

Updated: 09-Dec-2016 @ 1300 1540 1610

  • Added entry for DHC-8-102 MSN 99
  • Added entry for DHC-8-103 MSN 537

  • Inter-Aero DHC-8 departs Australia on delivery
  • Avmax DHC-8 to Great Falls, and different one going back to Calgary.
  • Cape Air ATR-42 continues on delivery flight
  • Shell Canada Do328 to Nigeria
  • Bearskin Airlines Metro III to Perimeter Aviation

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Today's photos with thanks to:

Clicking on the name above will take you to their overall gallery, while clicking on the photo will take you to the specific picture within the gallery.

MSN 799 - ATR-72-212A OY-CLY
Nordic Aviation Capital (Alsie Express)
Eindhoven 05-May-2013
HansAir Photo

MSN 818 - ATR-72-212A OY-CLZ
Alsie Express
Eindhoven 23-Jun-2013
HansAir Photo

MSN 562 - ATR-72-212A EC-HJI
Air Nostrum
Eindhoven 17-Feb-2007
HansAir Photo

397 - ATR-42-300 2-CAPE Airtrails Trading, Zug

Updating entry for 08-Dec-2016; flew Keflavík - Goose Bay, NL - Duluth, MN 09-Dec-2016 as SXA352.

96 - DHC-8-102 C-GANQ Jazz Aviation LP, Enfield, NS

Registration cancelled 02-Dec-2016

MSN 96 - DHC-8-102 C-GANQ
Jazz Aviation (Air Canada Express)
Toronto-Pearson, ON 11-Oct-2014
Reinhard Zinabold Photo

99 - DHC-8-102 N990AV Avmax Aircraft Leasing Inc., Calgary, AB

Flew Great Falls, MT - Calgary-Int'l, AB 09-Dec-2016 as TSH99. Aircraft had been in Great Falls since 14-Apr-2016 when it arrived from Ardmore, OK & Cheyenne, WY.

286 - DHC-8-311 C-GCBK Inter-Aero Inc., Arnprior, ON

Test flown from Cairns, QLD 08-Dec-2016 and then flew Cairns, QLD - Majuro - Honolulu, HI 08/09-Dec-2016 on delivery.

537 - DHC-8-103 OY-YBG KA1 A/s, Vejle (Nordic Aviation Capital)

Officially imported to Canada 09-Dec-2016.

540 - DHC-8-103 C-FRQH Avmax Aircraft Leasing Inc., Calgary, AB

Flew Calgary-Int'l, AB - Great Falls, MT 09-Dec-2016 as TSH540. This is the former JA8974 which had arrived in Calgary on 24-Aug-2016.

208B-2161 - Cessna 208B N208TM Big Chino Aviation LLC, Prescott, AZ

Registered to Blackhawk Modifications Inc., Waco, TX 08-Dec-2016.

Mokulele Flight Service Grand Caravan N825MA is seen below on approach to Kahului on 05-Dec-2016 with thanks to John Olafson.

MSN 208B-5065 - Cessna 208B (EX) N825MA
Mokulele Flight Service
Kahului, HI 05-Dec-2016
John Olafson Photo

3109 - Dornier Do328-100 C-FSCO Shell Canada Ltd., Calgary, AB

Registration cancelled 08-Dec-2016 on export to Nigeria.

2000-12 - SAAB 2000 SE-KXK Eric Thun AB, Lidköping (TUS Airways, Larnaca)

Test flown from Örebro 09-Dec-2016 prior to delivery to Cyprus.

AC-670B - SA227AC Metro III C-FYAG Bearskin Lake Air Service LP, Thunder Bay, ON

Registered to Perimeter Aviation LP, Winnipeg, MB 08-Dec-2016.

MSN AC-670B - SA227AC Metro III C-FYAG
Bearskin Lake Air Service
Waterloo, ON 15-Jan-2013
Reinhard Zinabold Photo

LJ-1242 - Beech C90A N88PD Pipe Distributors Ltd., Houston, TX

Registered to South Delta Aviation LLC, Fayetteville, AR 08-Dec-2016. Flew Houston-Hobby, TX - Fayetteville, AR 04-Nov-2016.

LJ-1903 - Beech C90GTI N47WY N47WY LLC, Casper, WY

Registered to Aircraft Mergers Inc., Wilmington, DE 08-Dec-2016.

BE-85 - Beech B100 N222LP Land O Frost Inc., Lansing, MI

Registered to C & F Investments LLC, Benton, AR 08-Dec-2016.

BB-1865 - Beech B200 N6300F Gomaco Corp., Ida Grove, IA

Registered to Tenax Aerospace LLC, Ridgeland, MS 08-Dec-2016.

FL-1050 - Beech B300 N9500F Gomaco Corp., Ida Grove, IA

Registered 08-Dec-2016; replacing BB-1865 above.

1148 - SOCATA TBM-700 (900) N828DD Transatlantic Deliveries Trust, Wilmington, DE

Registered to N828DD LLC, Klamath Falls, OR 08-Dec-2016.

1159 - SOCATA TBM-700 (930) G-WMRN SOCATA, Tarbes

Registered 07-Dec-2016.

645 - Pilatus PC-12/45 N645PC Clearchoice Aviation Partners LLC, Englewood, CO

Registered to Boutique Air Inc., San Francisco, CA 08-Dec-2016.