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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Regional/Corporate/Utility Turboprop Update for 06-Dec-2016

Updated: 06-Dec-2016 @ 1205 1330

  • Added entry for TBM-930 MSN 1152

The photos appearing in this section are linked directly back to the original photograph elsewhere. If you click for the larger version it will open in a new window. More often than not, the location of the photo will be at Flickr™.  While you are there, please take the opportunity to check out some more of the photographers work, there are generally hundreds, if not thousands of great aviation photographs to be seen.

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Today's Photos with thanks to:

Clicking on the name above will take you to their overall gallery, while clicking on the photo will take you to the specific picture within the gallery.

MSN 3066 - Do328-110 HB-AER
Southend 08-Jul-2015
Bob Everett Photo

MSN 4494 - DHC-8-402 P4-NUR
Falcon Aviation Services
Southend 01-Jul-2015
Bob Everett Photo

AC-765 - SA227AC Metro III N765FA CBG LLC, Wilsonville, OR (Key Lime Air)

Crashed approximately 25 miles from Albany, GA 05-Dec-2016 with one fatality. The aircraft was en route from Panama City, FL to Albany, GA.

MSN AC-765 - SA227AC Metro III
Key Lime Air
Denver-Centennial 28-Mar-2013
Paul Filmer Photo

532 - ATR-42-500 2-LNOA Phoenix Aircraft Leasing Pte Ltd., Singapore

Updating entry for 21-Nov-2016; registration cancelled 09-Nov-2016 as withdrawn from use.

594 - ATR-42-500 XA-TPS Aeromar, Mexico City, DF

Updating entry for 05-Dec-2016; aircraft continued on Toulouse - Toulouse-Francazal 06-Dec-2016.

621 - ATR-42-500 2-LFEA Phoenix Aircraft Leasing Pte Ltd., Singapore

Registered 24-Nov-2016, ex HK-4949.

1384 - ATR-72-212A (600) F-OSIX ATR-GIE Avions de Transport Regional, Toulouse

Noted at Toulouse 05-Dec-2016 in full Air Caraïbes c/s

41053 - BAe 4101 Jetstream 41 - N153KM Kirland 41053 LLC, Delray Beach, FL

Registered to KMR Aviation Services Inc., Lynchburg, VA 05-Dec-2016. As with the two other Jetstream 41's listed in the past two days, N153KM was also last noted stored at Mena, AR. The aircraft is seen below at Wellington, having had its registration applied incorrectly. It departed to Mena, AR in Jan-2008.

MSN 41053 - Jetstream 41 N135KM (N153KM0
ex-Origin Pacific
Steve Mills Photo

208B-0101 - Cessna 208B N963HL Aircraft Structures Inc., Enid, OK

Registered to Caravan-International Leasing Inc., Carson City, NV 05-Dec-2016.

208B-0250 - Cessna 208B N250BZ Gateway Air Center Inc., Merced, CA

Registration cancelled 02-Dec-2016 on export to Australia. 

208B-1254 - Cessna 208B N307PW Delta Wing Equipment LLC, Shawnee, OK

Registration cancelled 30-Nov-2016 on export to Indonesia. Flew Anchorage, AK - Nome, AK - Anadyr 12/13-Nov-2016 on delivery.

208B-5302 - Cessna 208B (EX) N303PK USAF/AFMC/AFLCMC, Dayton, OH

Registration cancelled 28-Nov-2016 on export to Pakistan. Flew Burlington, VT - St. John's, NL - Santa Maria 15/17-Nov-2016 on delivery.

208B-5305 - Cessna 208B (EX) N305PK USAF/AFMC/AFLCMC, Dayton, OH

Registration cancelled 28-Nov-2016 on export to Pakistan. Flew Moundridge, KS - Kokomo, IN - Burlington, VT - St. John's, NL - Santa Maria 14/17-Nov-2016 on delivery.

TC-237 - SA226TC Metro II N62Z EDB Air Inc., Wilsonville, OR (Key Lime Air)

Sale reported 29-Nov-2016 to Bobby Hoy, Aurora, CO. Aircraft had been parked at Denver-Centennial, CO without engines, for some time. It is seen below in 2015 with thanks to Paul Filmer.

MSN TC-237 - SA226TC Metro II N62Z
Key Lime Air
Denver-Centennial, CO 11-Feb-2015
Paul Filmer Photo

AT-577 - SA227AT Merlin IV N577MX Worldwide Aircraft Services Inc., Springfield, MO

Registration cancelled 01-Dec-2016. Aircraft crashed after take-off at Malta on 24-Oct-2016.

BB-1121 - Beech B200 N6604L Pollard Aircraft Sales Inc., Fort Worth, TX

Registered to Shoals Aircraft Leasing & Operations LLC, Florence, AL 05-Dec-2016.

FL-158 - Beech B300 N10UN IMMI Aviation LLC, Westfield, IN

Registered to Cathee Acquisitions LLC, Concord, MA 01-Dec-2016.

FL-202 - Beech B300 N350TF Archangel Air LLC, Vienna, OH

Registered to Sportsmans LLC, Johnston, SC 05-Dec-2016. Flew Moline, IL - Columbia, SC 15-Nov-2016.

FL-719 - Beech B300 N80709 Beechcraft Corp., Wichita, KS

Registered to Aeroptic LLC, North Andover, MA 05-Dec-2016.

FL-1010 - Beech B300 N110KF Textron Aviation Inc., Wichita, KS

Registered to MT View Farming LLC, Tulare, CA 05-Dec-2016.

1152 - SOCATA TBM-700 (930) N930FA Transatlantic Deliveries Trust, Wilmington, DE

Flew Tarbes/Lourdes - Glasgow - Keflavík 06-Dec-2016 on delivery.

1673 - Pilatus PC-12/47E N673NG Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd., Broomfield, CO

Registered 05-Dec-2016.