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Monday, 5 December 2016

Regional/Corporate/Utility Turboprop Update for 05-Dec-2016

Updated: 05-Dec-2016 @ 1600

The photos appearing in this section are linked directly back to the original photograph elsewhere. If you click for the larger version it will open in a new window. More often than not, the location of the photo will be at Flickr™.  While you are there, please take the opportunity to check out some more of the photographers work, there are generally hundreds, if not thousands of great aviation photographs to be seen.

The original photographers have permitted the use of the images here. They cannot be re-posted, or re-used elsewhere without obtaining permission from the photographer directly.

If you have good quality photographs uploaded at any other location (Flickr, Smugmug, A-Net, JP etc.) and want to have them featured in this section, just use the contact form. I will do the rest, no work necessary on your part!

Today's Photos with thanks to:

Clicking on the name above will take you to their overall gallery, while clicking on the photo will take you to the specific picture within the gallery.

MSN 10560 - Fokker F27-500 HP-1542PST
Air Panama
Panama City-Allbrook 08-Mar-2011
Alec Wilson Photo

MSN 10663 - Fokker F27-20MAR 1202
Royal Thai Navy
Khon Kaen 12-Dec-2013
Alec Wilson Photo

LW-303 - Beech E90 N79CT PA Scale of Florida Inc., Deltona, FL

Collided with terrain near Sotillo de las Palomas, Spain 04-Dec-2016. The aircraft was en route to Cascais.

BE-33 - Beech B100 N900RD KIDD Aviation LLC, Chandler, TX

Gear collapsed on landing at Tyler, TX 02-Dec-2016.

MSN BE-33 - Beech B100 N900RD
KIDD Aviation LLC
Tyler, TX 02-Dec-2016

397 - ATR-42-300 2-CAPE Airtrails Trading, Zug

Rolled out at East Midlands 03-Dec-2016 in full United Express c/s & carrying registration N45838. For operation by Cape Air. The registration was reserved on 18-Nov-2016 by Cape Asset 397 LLC, Hyannis, MA.

449 - ATR-72-202(F) HB-ALQ Zimex Aviation Ltd., Glattbrugg

Flew Toulouse-Francazal - Toulouse - Altenrhein/Saint Gallen 05-Dec-2016 following cargo conversion. The aircraft had arrived at Francazal on 16-Sep-2016.

594 - ATR-42-500 XA-TPS Aeromar, Mexico City, DF

Flew Mexico City, DF - New Orleans, LA - Bangor, ME - Reykjavík - Billund - Toulouse 02/05-Dec-2016 on return to lessor.

1353 - ATR-72-212A (600) F-OZIP Air Caledonie, Nouméa

Flew Toulouse - Heraklion - Abu Dhabi-Al Bateen - Chennai 03/05-Dec-2016 on delivery.

1372 - ATR-72-212A (600) SE-MKH Braathens Regional Airways AB, Vastra

Flew Toulouse - Angelholm 05-Dec-2016 on delivery. Aircraft does not appear on the Swedish register at the time of writing.

1373 - ATR-72-212A (600) P2-ATD PNG Air, Port Moresby

Flew Toulouse - Al Ain - ? - Penang 03/04-Dec-2016 on delivery. 

UE-425 - Beech 1900D VH-OYU Air New Zealand Ltd., Auckland

Registered 29-Nov-2016, ex ZK-EAB.

UE-428 - Beech 1900D VH-OYV Air New Zealand Ltd., Auckland

Registered 30-Nov-2016, ex ZK-EAE.

UE-430 - Beech 1900D VH-OYW Air New Zealand Ltd., Auckland

Registered 30-Nov-2016, ex ZK-EAG.

UE-437 - Beech 1900D VH-OYY Air New Zealand Ltd., Auckland

Registered 30-Nov-2016, ex ZK-EAN/

UE-439 - Beech 1900D VH-OYZ Air New Zealand Ltd., Auckland

Registered 29-Nov-2016, ex ZK-EAP.

232 - DHC-8-311 VH-QQP Aircraft Solution Luxembourg S.A. (Skytrans Pty Ltd.)

Registration cancelled 02-Dec-2016 for export to Canada. 

4195 - DHC-8-402 G-PRPF NAC Aviation 23 Ltd., Billund (Flybe Ltd., Exeter)

Registered 01-Dec-2016, ex N195WQ. Aircraft was last test-flown at Toronto-Pearson, ON on 16-Nov-2016.

4202 - DHC-8-402 G-PRPJ NAC Aviation 23 Ltd., Billund (Nordic Aviation Capital)

Flew Exeter - East Midlands 03-Dec-2016 for painting.

4543 - DHC-8-402 C-FRZC Bombardier Inc., Montréal, QC

Pending import to U.S.A. 30-Nov-2016 as N681WP.

4547 - DHC-8-402 C-GKQH Bombardier Inc., Montréal, QC

Registered 02-Dec-2016.

Both Westjet & Ethiopian Q400's were up on test flights over the weekend, and are seen below with thanks to Ken Swartz/Aeromedia Communications.

MSN 4537 - DHC-8-402 C-GWEN
Bombardier Inc. (Westjet Encore)
Downsview, ON 03-Dec-2016
Kenneth I. Swartz Photo

MSN 4542 - DHC-8-402 C-FRZP
Bombardier Inc. (Ethiopian Airlines)
Downsview, ON 03-Dec-2016
Kenneth I. Swartz Photo

41012 - BAe4101 Jetstream 41 N301UE Kirland 41012 LLC, Boca Raton, FL

Registered to KMR Aviation Services Inc., Lynchburg, VA 02-Dec-2016 (joining MSN 41083 from the day prior). N301UE is also last known to have been stored at Mena, AR since 2008.

SH1853 - Short SC.7 Srs 3 N731E Denton A. Wood, Anchorage, AK

Registered to Alaskan Air Charter LLC, Anchorage, AK 02-Dec-2016.

LA-193 - Beech F90 N190NC Dodson International Parts Inc., Rantoul, KS

Registered 02-Dec-2016, ex XA-AGG. 

BB-1571 - Beech B200 N318BF Ballard Aviation Inc., Newton, KS

Registered to FWA LLC, Stockton, CA 02-Dec-2016.

BB-1958 - Beech B200 N80LP Central Coast Aviation Services Inc., Salinas, CA

Registered to Club Aereo del Personal de Carabineros de Chile 28-Nov-2016 as CC-ARS.

FL-1003 - Beech B300 N1003V Wells Fargo Bank NW Trustee, Salt Lake City, UT

Flew Wichita, KS - Quebec City, QC - Goose Bay, NL - Reykjavík - Cologne 03/04-Dec-2016.

FL-1018 - Beech B300 N1018Y Wells Fargo Bank NW Trustee, Salt Lake City, UT

Flew Wichita-Beech, KS - Quebec City, QC - Goose Bay, NL - Reykjavík 04/05-Dec-2016.

123 - SOCATA TBM-700 N700CF S & K Commercial Property Investments, Alamo, CA

Registered to West Cherry Sales LLC, Wilmington, DE 02-Dec-2016.

1081 - Pilatus PC-12/47E N990AG Lowcountry Trading II LLC, Baltimore, MD

Registered to Tempus Aircraft Sales & Service Inc., Englewood, CO 02-Dec-2016. The aircraft has been working out of Crestview-Bob Sikes, FL for the last several months.