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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Regional/Corporate/Utility Turboprop Update for 28-Dec-2016

Updated: 28-Dec-2016 @ 1155

Another quiet day, but any additional changes that come about will be added as I find 'em.

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Today's photos with thanks to:

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The Agape Flights Bandit N316AF flies regularly from Florida to locations in the Bahamas, Dominican Republic and Haiti on missionary work.

MSN 110271 - EMB-110P2 N316AF
Agape Flights
Lakeland, FL 31-Mar-2011
Mark Pasqualino Photo

N384MA below was operated by Murray Aviation from 2003, and went to Calspan Corporation in Buffalo as N304ST. It was originally delivered to Metroflight in 1987. 

MSN 340A-102 - SAAB 340A N384MA
Murray Aviation Inc.
Rockford, IL 19-Apr-2006
Mark Pasqualino Photo

UAS Transervices (Ameriflight) Expeditor N247DH was originally delivered to DHL in 1985 and joined Ameriflight about 10 years later. 

MSN AT-626B - SA227AT N247DH
Rockford, IL 08-Sep-2006
Mark Pasqualino Photo

522 - DHC-8-202 C-GRGK Regional 1 Airlines Ltd., Calgary, AB

Flew St. Theresa Point, MB - Calgary-Int'l, AB 24-Dec-2016 on return from wet-lease to Perimeter Aviation. Regional 1's DHC-8-311 C-GUZX remains in operation with Perimeter.

4546 - DHC-8-402 C-FSTZ Bombardier Inc., Montréal, QC

Test flown from Downsview, ON 27-Dec-2016 (for Elix/Island Air)

208B-5300 - Cessna 208B (EX) N7130X Textron Aviation Inc., Wichita, KS

Registered to Four Tango Alpha LLC, Fort Lauderdale, FL 27-Dec-2016. Operated by Tropic Ocean Airways, and noted at Fort Lauderdale-Int'l, FL 26-Dec-2016 in "Santa's Seaplane" c/s.