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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Regional/Corporate/Utility Turboprop Update for 17-Nov-2016

Updated: 17-Nov-2016 @ 1230  1310

  • Third Level Piston Supplement has been updated, incl. photos.

The photos appearing in this section are linked directly back to the original photograph elsewhere. If you click for the larger version it will open in a new window. More often than not, the location of the photo will be at Flickr™.  While you are there, please take the opportunity to check out some more of the photographers work, there are generally hundreds, if not thousands of great aviation photographs to be seen.

The original photographers have permitted the use of the images here. They cannot be re-posted, or re-used elsewhere without obtaining permission from the photographer directly.

If you have good quality photographs uploaded at any other location (Flickr, Smugmug, A-Net, JP etc.) and want to have them featured in this section, just use the contact form. I will do the rest, no work necessary on your part!

MSN 493 - DHC-8-311 LN-WFO
Bergen 17-Apr-2014
David Chapman Photo

MSN 122 - DHC-8-102 C-FCSK
Air Creebec
Montréal-Trudeau, QC 16-Jun-2010
Abdallahh Photo

307 - ATR-72-202 OM-VRC Danube Wings, Bratislava

Pending import to U.S. 14-Nov-2016 as N307RT. Aircraft has been in open storage at Toulouse-Francazal since 2013.

MSN 307 - ATR-72-202 OM-VRC
Danube Wings
Björn Photo

723 - ATR-72-212A (500) OY-JZU Jet Time A/S, Kastrup

Flew Copenhagen - Mönchengladbach 17-Nov-2016 as JTG9010 on return to Nordic Aviation Capital. The aircraft had completed its contracted operation with Scandinavian on 28-Oct-2016. Although SAS indicated that the use of ATR-72-500's had ended with the winter schedule, OY-JZY (MSN 540) appears to be still in service up to today.

891 - ATR-72-212A (500) G-LERE Aurigny Air Services, Guernsey

Updating entry for yesterday; aircraft entered service 17-Nov-2016 Guernsey - London-Gatwick.

1354 - ATR-72-212A (600) SE-MKG Hurricane Leasing DAC, Dublin (Braathens Regional)

Registered 16-Nov-2016 and flew Toulouse - Angelholm 17-Nov-2016 on delivery.

4191 - DHC-8-402 G-PRPG NAC Aviation 23 Ltd., Billund (Flybe, Exeter)

Flew Toronto-Pearson, ON - Goose Bay, NL - Reykjavík 17-Nov-2016 on delivery as BEE1310.

208B-5298 - Cessna 208B (EX) N7123J Africair Inc., Miami, FL

Registration cancelled 16-Nov-2016 on export to Bahamas.

208B-5279 - Cessna 208B (EX) N7146J Africair Aviation Leasing LLC, Miami, FL

Registration cancelled 15-Nov-2016 on export to Kenya. Aircraft was delivered across the mid-Atlantic via Santa Maria on 05-Oct-2016.

208B-5323 - Cessna 208B (EX) N9052H Textron Aviation Inc., Wichita, KS

Registration cancelled 14-Nov-2016 on export to Turkey.

208B-5342 - Cessna 208B (EX) N503MK Textron Aviation Inc., Wichita, KS

Registered 16-Nov-2016.

3020 - Dornier Do328-100 N524AW SNC-Sierra Nevada Corp., Sparks, NV

Registration pending 16-Nov-2016 to U.S. Air Force, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH. The aircraft is seen below at Denver-Centennial, CO last month, with thanks to Paul Filmer.

MSN 3020 - Do328-100 N524AW
Sierra Nevada Corp.
Denver-Centennial, CO 21-Oct-2016
Paul Filmer Photo

LJ-708 - Beech C90 N500KR Medical Supply X LLC, Coats, NC

Registered to Edward B. Noakes, Rockford, IL 16-Nov-2016.

LJ-1192 - Beech C90A N612F North American Flight Services Inc., Ballston Spa, NY

Registered 16-Nov-2016, ex C-FGXQ.

BB-82 - Beech 200 N282SJ Clements Aviation LLC, White Oak, TX

Registered to Martex Ventures LLC, Stuart, FL 16-Nov-2016.

BB-1887 - Beech B200 N36987 American Aviation Inc., Brooksville, FL

Flew via Prestwick 17-Nov-2016.

FA-55 - Beech 300 N333WC Straight Flight Nevada Inc., Sparks, NV

Flew Hagerstown, MD - Bangor, ME - Goose Bay, NL - Narsarsuaq 15/17-Nov-2016.

FL-300 - Beech B300 N315ML Turbine Aviation LLC, Clinton, TN

Flew Baltimore-Martin State, MD - Bangor, ME - Narsarsuaq 15/17-Nov-2016.

FL-463 - Beech B300 N352BC L-3 Communications Advanced Aviation LLC, Helena, MT

Registration cancelled 15-Nov-2016 on export to Italy.

FL-1021 - Beech B300 N121HK Wells Fargo Bank NW Trustee, Salt Lake City, UT

Updating entry for 07-Nov-2016; registration cancelled 14-Nov-2016 on export to Australia.

295 - SOCATA TBM-700 N700DZ Avex Inc., Camarillo, CA

Registered to Progenitech LLC, Asuza, CA 16-Nov-2016.

483 - SOCATA TBM-700 N23MY Tuthill Corp., Burr Ridge, IL

Registered to Muncie Aviation Co. Inc., Muncie, IN 16-Nov-2016.

594 - SOCATA TBM-700 (850) N850GH B& G Garner Co. LLC, Wilmington, DE

Registered to Conrad Aviation LLC, Alexandria, VA 16-Nov-2016.

1149 - SOCATA TBM-700 (930) N442MA Transatlantic Deliveries Trust, Wilmington, DE

Updating entry for yesterday; aircraft flew Narsarsuaq - Goose Bay, NL - Bangor, ME - Cleveland, OH - Muncie, IN 17-Nov-2016.

1110 - Pilatus PC-12/47E C-GKRY Private Air Inc., Thunder Bay, ON

Registration cancelled 16-Nov-2016 on export to Isle of Man.

1670 - Pilatus PC-12/47E HB-FQK Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG, Stans

Updating entry for yesterday; aircraft flew Reykjavík - Narsarquaq - Goose Bay, ML - Moosonee, ON - Thunder Bay, ON 17-Nov-2016.

100-0191 - Quest Kodiak 100 N191KQ Quest Aircraft Company LLC, Sandpoint, ID

Registered to TVPX ARS Inc. Trustee, Salt Lake City, UT 16-Nov-2016.