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Friday, 28 October 2016

Regional/Corporate/Utility Turboprop Update for 28-Oct-2016

Updated: 28-Oct-2016 @ 1145 1445

  • The Third Level Piston Supplement is updated.
  • Added entry for ATR-42 MSN 579
  • Added entry for DHC-8-402 MSN 4537

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MSN 10115 - Fokker F27-200 59-0259
Philippine Air Force
Manila Sep-2011
Paul Filmer Photo

MSN DC-903B - SA227DC N55CE
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Denver-Centennial, CO Nov-2015
Paul Filmer Photo

MSN 532 - ATR-42-500 HK-4827
Medellin-Olaya Herrera Jul-2013
Paul Filmer Photo

579 - ATR-42-500 OY-YBS KA1 P/S, Billund (Nordic Aviation Capital)

Updating entry for 05-Oct-2016; officially imported to Canada 28-Oct-2016 having arrived in Ottawa early this month.

4537 - DHC-8-402 C-GWEN Bombardier Inc., Montréal, QC

Registered 28-Oct-2016.

208B-5309 - Cessna 208B (EX) N2067Z Wells Fargo Bank NW Trustee, Salt Lake City, UT

Flew Brownsville, TX - Guatemala-La Aurora 28-Oct-2016.

208B-5314 - Cessna 208B (EX) N610BA Textron Aviation Inc., Wichita, KS

Updating entry for 29-Sep-2016; registered to Bering Air Inc., Nome, AK 28-Oct-2016. Aircraft continued from Anchorage-Merrill, AK to Nome, AK 06-Oct-2016 on delivery.

208B-5319 - Cessna 208B (EX) N997AR Textron Aviation Inc., Wichita, KS

Updating entry for 03-Aug-2016; flew Wichita, KS - Valdosta, GA - Titusville, FL 22/23-Sep-2016 for outfitting. Registered to USAF/AFMC/AFLCMC, Dayton, OH 28-Oct-2016.

AC-739B - SA227AC Metro III C-GYHD Bearskin Lake Air Service LP, Sioux Lookout, ON

Registered to Perimeter Aviation LP, Winnipeg, MB 25-Oct-2016.

Bearskin Lake Air Service
Ottawa, ON 20-Sep-2013
Friscocali Photo

LW-345 - Beech E90 N190BE Jelock LLC, Jacksonville Beach, FL

Registered to Clover Leasing LLC, Sauget, IL 27-Oct-2016.

B-176 - Beech A100 C-FXDE Montair Aviation Inc., Pitt Meadows, BC

Returned to Exact Air Inc., St-Honoré, QC & registered 26-Oct-2016.

FL-997 - Beech B300 N997HW Textron Aviation Inc., Wichita, KS

Registered to Bank of Utah Trustee, Salt Lake City, UT 27-Oct-2016.

316 - Socata TBM-700C N700LT Foxglove Aviation LLC, Oakton, VA

Registered to AVEX Inc., Camarillo, CA 27-Oct-2016. Flew Manassas, VA - Marshall, TX - Camarillo, CA 25/26-Sep-2016. Replaced by MSN 612 below.

612 - Socata TBM-700 (850) N850MR ALS Aviation Inc., Santa Monica, CA

Registered to Foxglove Aviation LLC, Oakton, VA 27-Oct-2016. Flew Camarillo, CA - Denver-Centennial, CO - Manassas, VA 09/10-Oct-2016 on delivery.

1150 - Socata TBM-700 (900) N329FD Transatlantic Deliveries Trust, Wilmington, DE

Registered 27-Oct-2016.

1612 - Pilatus PC-12/47E N612NG Tempus Aircraft Sales & Service, Englewood, CO

Registered to MacAdam Aviation LLC, Henderson, CO 27-Oct-2016.

100-0187 - Kodiak 100 C-FVOL Six Flying Fish Inc., Vancouver, BC

Registered 26-Oct-2016.