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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Regional/Corporate/Utility Turboprop Update for 20-Oct-2016

Updated: 20-Oct-2016 @ 1130

Third Level Piston Supplement has been updated.

The photos appearing in this section are set to link back to the image in the original photographer's gallery. If you click the picture for the larger version, it will open in a new window, most often at Flickr™. I appreciate that the original photographers have permitted the use of these images, and I encourage you to take a more complete look at their collections. Just click on the photographers name in the newly opened window, that will give you all their other photos.

MSN 368 - DHC-8-314 C-GJYZ
Perimeter Aviation
Winnipeg, MB 11-Sep-2014
Paul Seymour Photo
MSN UE-216 - Beech 1900D N87552
Gulfstream International
Key West, FL 14-Jan-2010
Mark Pasqualino Photo

LA-74 - Beech F90 N79EC IT & Associates Inc., St. Charles, IL

Registered to Jetnet LLC Trustee, Wilmington, DE 19-Oct-2016

MSN LA-74 - Beech F90 N79EC
IT & Associates
Arlington, TX 16-Oct-2008
Zane Adams Photo

BB-399 - Beech 200 N399BM Rosado Aviation Inc., Brod Headsville, PA

Registered to 421-C LLC, Camp Hill, PA 19-Oct-2016.

FL-789 - Beech B300 N359DG GAF Holdings Inc., Visalia, CA

Registered to Beechcraft Corp., Wichita, KS 19-Oct-2016. Flew Visalia, CA - Wichita, KS 13-Sep-2016

FL-1072 - Beech B300 N359DC Textron Aviation Inc., Wichita, KS

Registered to GAF Holdings Inc., Visalia, CA 19-Oct-2016, in trade for FL-789 above. Flew Wichita-Beech, KS - Visalia, CA 15-Sep-2016 on delivery.

380 - DHC-8-102 P2-MCN Airlines PNG, Mount Hagen (PNG Air)

Updating entry for yesterday; flew Edmonton-Int'l, AB - Winnipeg, MB - Montréal-Trudeau, QC 20-Oct-2016. This will be the third lease return 100/200 series to arrive Montréal in as many weeks.

4540 - DHC-8-402 C-FRHH Bombardier Inc., Montréal, QC

Noted at Downsview, ON 19-Oct-2016 in Ethiopian c/s.

208-00578 - Cessna 208 N71367 Mission Aviation Fellowship, Nampa, ID

Registration cancelled 11-Oct-2016 to Papua New Guinea. 

208-00590 - Cessna 208 N38RG Textron Aviation Inc., Wichita, KS

Registered 13-Oct-2016.

208B-1264 - Cessna 208B N754KP Kalinin Partners LLC, Juneau, AK

Updating entry for yesterday; aircraft flew Springbank, AB - Great Falls, MT 20-Oct-2016.

208B-5266 - Cessna 208B N7074E Bank of Utah Trustee, Salt Lake City, UT

Registration cancelled 12-Oct-2016 to People's Republic of China. Aircraft was delivered across the mid Atlantic 25/26-Apr-2016.

208B-5329 - Cessna 208B (EX) N329ZZ Textron Aviation Inc., Wichita, KS

Registered 12-Oct-2016.

208B-5332 - Cessna 208B (EX) N332ZZ Textron Aviation Inc., Wichita, KS

Registered 12-Oct-2016.

1642 - Pilatus PC-12/47E N989SG Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd., Broomfield, CO

Registered to Walnut Street 738 LLC, Cottonwood, CA 19-Oct-2016

With thanks to Andrew Stewart, the following SAAB 340's are confirmed still present and stored at Kingman, AZ as of 10-Oct-2016.

  • N263AE Saab 340 B 340B-263 Envoy Air
  • N266AE Saab 340 B 340B-266 Envoy Air
  • N286AE Saab 340 B 340B-286 Envoy Air
  • N298AE Saab 340 B 340B-298 Envoy Air
  • N304AE Saab 340 B 340B-304 Envoy Air
  • N307AE Saab 340 B 340B-307 Envoy Air
  • N313AE Saab 340 B 340B-313 Envoy Air
  • N317AE Saab 340 B 340B-317 Envoy Air
  • N320AE Saab 340 B 340B-320 Envoy Air
  • N323AE Saab 340 B 340B-323 Envoy Air
  • N329AE Saab 340 B 340B-329 Envoy Air
  • N340RC Saab 340 B 340B-340 Envoy Air
  • N902AE Saab 340 B 340B-269 Envoy Air
  • N904AE Saab 340 B 340B-314 Envoy Air

Presumably these 14 are part of the 19 aircraft that were acquired by Aviation Industry Resources earlier this month.

SH1908 - Short SC.7-100 N197WW Win Win Aviation Inc., Wake Forest, NC

Registered 19-Oct-2016, ex OH-SBA. This aircraft was delivered across the Atlantic from Finland on 04/06-Oct-2016

MSN SH1908 - Short SC.7-100 OH-SBA
Helsinki University Laboratory of Space Technology
Oulu 09-Aug-2014
MKFI Photo

1079 - TBM-700 (900) N950VM TTX Holdings LLC, Las Vegas, NV

Registered to Columbia Leasing LLC, Scottsdale, AZ 19-Oct-2016.

BB-1681 - Beech B200 N680CA Aircraft Logistics Group LLC, Oklahoma City, OK

Sustained minor damage on landing at Oklahoma City-Wiley Post, OK with nose gear retracted on 19-Oct-2016.

MSN BB-1681 - Beech B200 N680CA
Aircraft Logistics Group LLC
Oklahoma City-Wiley Post 19-Oct-2016 Photo