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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Aircraft Update for 17-Sep-2016

Updated 17-Sep-2016 @ 1300

449 - ATR-72-202 G-BWDB Aurigny Air Services Ltd., Guernsey

Registration cancelled 14-Sep-2016 on export to Switzerland. Registered to Zimex Aviation Ltd., Glattbrugg 15-Sep-2016 as HB-ALQ. Flew Guernsey - Toulouse - Toulouse-Francazal 16-Sep-2016 for freighter conversion.

579 - ATR-42-500 OY-YBS KA1 P/S, Billund (Nordic Aviation Capital)

Registered 16-Sep-2016, ex PR-TKF. Aircraft flew via Arrecife to Billund 27/28-Aug-2016, in all white c/s, no titles.

1204 - ATR-42-600 OY-YBP Billund Leasing VIII Ltd., Billund (Nordic Aviation Capital)

Flew Billund - East Midlands 16-Sep-2016 for repainting. Aircraft had been parked at Billund, in full SATENA c/s since 06-Apr-2016.

The latest ATR-72 for Summit Air is seen below parked at Toronto on 15-Sep-2016. It had arrived from Toulouse on 25-Aug-2016, and still carries the Balesin Island Club c/s, which was not delivered. Thanks to Ken Swartz for the photo.

MSN 444 - ATR-72-202(F) C-GJPY
Summit Air
Toronto-Pearson, ON 15-Sep-2016
Kenneth I. Swartz Photo

4302 - DHC-8-402 YL-BAI NAC Aviation 4 Ltd., Billund (Air Baltic, Riga)

Sustained minor damage during emergency landing at Riga 17-Sep-2016. The aircraft was returning to the airport with a nose gear that failed to retract fully on take-off, and remained stuck in the same state for landing. 

MSN 4302 - DHC-8-402 YL-BAI
Nordic Aviation Capital (Air Baltic)
Riga, Latvia 17-Sep-2016
Morozov Vadim Photo

4379 - DHC-8-402 VT-SUE Spicejet, Delhi

Sustained minor damage during overrun of runway on landing at Tirupati Airport 17-Sep-2016. The aircraft was arriving from Hyderabad, and there were no injuries to the 78 aboard.

4495 - DHC-8-402 C-FIFG Bombardier Inc., Montréal, QC

Flew Toronto-Pearson, ON - Goose Bay, NL - Reykjavík 17-Sep-2016 on delivery to Air Tanzania.