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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Aircraft Update for 08-Sep-2016

Updated: 08-Sep-2016 @ 1350 EDT

522 - ATR-42-500 OY-PCB KA1 P/S, Vejle

Registered 07-Sep-2016, ex HK-4748, aircraft has been parked at Billund since early 2016.

1351 - ATR-72-212A (600) B-17017 EVA Air, Taipei

Flew Toulouse - Cairo - Dubai 07/08-Sep-2016 on delivery.

BB-327 - Beech 200 5Y-BPJ Knight Aviation Ltd., Dover, DE

Noted at Nairobi-Wilson 29-Aug-2016 in derelict condition, with Knight Aviation titles.

BY-264 - Beech B200GT N786HC Textron Aviation Inc., Wichita, KS

Registered to Homer Skelton Enterprises Inc., Olive Branch, MS 07-Sep-2016.

UC-69 - Beech 1900C 5Y-BSN ALS Ltd., Nairobi

Noted still stored at Nairobi-Wilson 29-Aug-2016, all white, no engines.

UE-97 - Beech 1900D ET-ANE Abakan Avia, Abakan

Noted still stored at Nairobi-Wilson 29-Aug-2016, no engines, still intact but in dirty condition. Has been in similar state since 2012.

UE-136 - Beech 1900D 5Y-BVP ALS Ltd., Nairobi

Noted at Nairobi-Wilson 29-Aug-2016, all white, no titles

UE-426 - Beech 1900D ZK-EAC Eagle Airways Ltd., Hamilton

Registered to Manila Aerospace Products Trading, Pasay City, Philippines 05-Sep-2016; flew Auckland - Gold Coast, QLD - Charleville, QLD 07-Sep-2016; for operation in Myanmar.

10448 - Fokker F27-500 5Y-JUU Astral Aviation, Nairobi

Noted at Nairobi-Kenyatta 24-Aug-2016, still all white, no titles; operational.

20167 - Fokker F27-050 5Y-SIB Skyward International Aviation, Nairobi

Noted still stored at Nairobi-Kenyatta 24-Aug-2016, all white, no engines or landing gear. Aircraft was damaged at Nairobi on 04-Jan-2015.

20200 - Fokker F27-050 5Y-FJE Fanjet Express, Nairobi

Noted at Nairobi-Wilson 31-Aug-2016, all white, no titles.

363 - Pilatus PC-12/45 ZK-PLS Sounds Air Travel & Tourism, Blenheim

Flew Wellington - Lord Howe Island - Gold Coast, QLD - Redcliffe, QLD 07-Sep-2017 for repainting with Flinders Aviation.

1025 - Pilatus PC-12/47E N10HS CSG GP LLC, Helena, MT

Registered to JG GP LLC, Helena, MT 07-Sep-2016. Aircraft had only been registered to CSG GP on 26-Aug-2016.

1653 - Pilatus PC-12/47E N653AF Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd., Broomfield, CO

Registered 07-Sep-2016.

DC-887B - SA227DC Metro 23 N3532Q Aeroptic LLC, North Andover, MA

Flew Nashua, NH - Mena, AR 08-Sep-2016 for painting. (ex C-GSHZ) Sistership N3533Q may be flown back to Nashua, as it has been in Mena since 05-Aug-2016.