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Monday, 5 September 2016

Aircraft Update for 05-Sep-2016

Updated: 05-Sep-2016 @ 1130 EDT

541 - ATR-72-212A (500) XY-AJC Air KBZ, Yangon

Flew Yangon - Nagpur - Dubai - Samsun - Billund - Mönchengladbach 02/04-Sep-2016 returning to Nordic Aviation Capital after lease. The aircraft is seen below with thanks to Judith Dahmen.

MSN 541 - ATR-72-212A (500) XY-AJC
Mönchengladbach, Germany 04-Sep-2016
Judith Dahmen Photo

551 - ATR-42-500 PR-TTM Elix Aviation Capital, Dublin

Updating blog entry for 03-Sep-2016; aircraft is destined for Hevilift PNG and is expected to become P2-KSD. It is seen below on arrival in Cairns, with thanks to FNQ Skies.

MSN 551 - ATR-42-500 PR-TTM
Elix Aviation Capital (Hevilift PNG)
Cairns, QLD 04-Sep-2016
FNQ Skies Photo

918 - ATR-72-212A (500) PP-PTZ AZUL Linhas Aéreas, Sao Paulo

Flew Belo Horizonte - Natal - Sal - Toulouse - Billund 01/04-Sep-2016 on return to Nordic Aviation Capital.

LJ-933 - Beech C90 N431BG BDF Air, Somersworth, NH

Registered to Bismarck Air Medical LLC, Omaha, NE 02-Sep-2016. Flew Manchester, NH - Green Bay, WI - Bismarck, ND 01-Jun-2016 on delivery.

BB-1041 - Beech B200 VH-OYD Pearl Aviation Australia Pty Ltd., Darwin, NT

Registered to Troy Alexander Doak, Pok Fu Lam (Hong Kong) 29-Aug-2016.

Beech B300 N350WH is seen at Vancouver a few days ago, with thanks to Vernon Harvey.

MSN FL-394 - Beech B300 N350WH
Bank of Utah Trustee
Vancouver, BC 02-Sep-2016
Vernon Harvey Photo

UE-94 - Beech 1900D VH-NOA Awesome Flight Logistics Pty Ltd., Gauteng, South Africa (Ad Astral Aviation)

Registered operator as of 31-Aug-2016 Awesome Aviation Pty Ltd., Perth, WA

Airco Aircraft Charters Beech 1900D C-FTOW, still in Air Creebec c/s seen on departure from Calgary-Int'l, AB with thanks to Ian Kershaw.

MSN UE-120 - Beech 1900D C-FTOW
Airco Aircraft Charters
Calgary-Int'l, AB 25-Apr-2012
Ian Kershaw Photo

4111 - DHC-8-402 JA847C Japan Air Commuter, Kagoshima

Registration cancelled 29-Aug-2016 and registered to Unical Aviation Inc., City of Industry, CA 02-Sep-2016 as N515UA. Updates blog entry for 19-Jul-2016.

4356 - DHC-8-402 N356NG NAC Aviation 23 Ltd., Billund (WFBNW/Nordic Aviation Capital)

Flew Rockford, IL - Toronto-Pearson, ON 03-Sep-2016. Aircraft had been stored at Rockford since at least Apr-2016, and is the 12th Nordic Aviation Capital Q400 now parked in Toronto.

Flybe's Q400 G-CJFN is seen outside the company facility in Exeter. It was officially re-registered G-PRPI on 02-Sep-2016.

MSN 4204 - DHC-8-402 G-CJFN
Exeter, UK 04-Sep-2016
Shamu28 Photo

977 - BAe3202 Jetstream 32EP SE-LXD Largus Aviation AB, Stockholm

Updating blog entry for 02-Sep-2016; registration cancelled 01-Sep-2016 on export to New Zealand and registered to Air Freight NZ Ltd., Auckland 05-Sep-2016 as ZK-LFT.

208B-1195 - Cessna 208B N859LM Bell Aviation Inc., West Columbia, SC

Registered to Southern Wings Aircraft Sales Ltd., Oklahoma City, OK 02-Sep-2016. Flew Columbia, SC - Olive Branch, MS - Oklahoma City-Wiley Post, OK 29-Jul-2016.

The Alpha Group fleet, registered in both the U.S.A. and Bahamas can usually be found at Boundary Bay, BC or Bellingham, WA. C6-RAS is seen below at Langley, BC with thanks to Vernon Harvey.

MSN 208B-0693 - Cessna 208B C6-RAS
Alpha Executive Air
Langley, BC 13-Feb-2010
Vernon Harvey Photo

340A-019 - SAAB 340A N340AQ Peninsula Airways Inc., Anchorage, AK

Flew Anchorage, AK - Portland, OR - Denver-Front Range, CO - Duluth, MN - Québec City, QC 04/05-Sep-2016, presumably entering Premier for maintenance.

MSN 340A-019 - SAAB 340A N340AQ
Anchorage, AK 05-Jun-2013
Dietmar Schreiber Photo

60 - TBM-700 N700HK Daniel R. Lee, Wilson, WY

Registered to DSL LLC, Wilson, WY 02-Sep-2016.

Skycare Air Ambulance Metro II C-GKPX made a trip into Toronto on 03-Sep-2016 and is seen below, with thanks to Ted Larkin. C-GKPX was originally delivered to Germany in 1978 as D-IFAM and was imported to Canada in 2008.

MSN TC-264 - SA226TC Metro II C-GKPX
2080061 Ontario Ltd.
Toronto-Pearson, ON 03-Sep-2016
Frederick K. Larkin Photo