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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Aircraft Update for 03-Sep-2016

Updated: 03-Sep-2016 @ 1230

Enough material for a Saturday issue this week, and the aircraft are actually almost all 18+ seats, which doesn't occur very often. Additionally a couple of Classic turboprops on the list.

For the enthusiast/spotter/historian type readers, contribution of photos would be greatly appreciated. All photographs will be appropriately credited, and the credit line linked back to the source. I spend a fair amount of time scouring the various sources every day for photos, and then seeking permission to use them - so some contribution would be a great help.

Lastly, for those people who may only read their subscription copy, where I hadn't added the link until today; coverage of the third level piston types BN-2 Islander, Piper PA-31 and Cessna 402/404 can be found in the "Third Level Piston Supplement" which is linked from the front page. Photo contributions for that section are also gladly accepted.

551 - ATR-42-500 PR-TTM Elix Aviation Capital, Dublin

Updating blog entry for 22-Aug-2016; somewhere along the way the aircraft got held up a bit, but flew Surabaya - Darwin, NT - Cairns, QLD 03-Sep-2016.

UE-59 - Beech 1900D C-GUUW 676578 B.C. Ltd., Fort St. John, BC

Registration cancelled 31-Aug-2016 due to sale. Aircraft flew Calgary-Int'l, AB - Norman Wells, NT 24-Aug-2016

MSN UE-59 - Beech 1900D C-GUUW
676578 B.C. Ltd.
Langley, BC 16-Sep-2014
Kenneth I. Swartz Photo

4204 - DHC-8-402 G-CJFN NAC Aviation 23 Ltd., Limerick (Nordic Aviation Capital)

Registered to Flybe Ltd., Exeter 02-Sep-2016 as G-PRPI.

4328 - DHC-8-402 N328NG NAC Aviation 23 Ltd., Billund (WFBNW/Nordic Aviation Capital)

Flew Rockford, IL - Toronto-Pearson, ON 02-Sep-2016. Aircraft had been parked at Rockford since arriving from Kansas City, MO on 02-Mar-2016.

4346 - DHC-8-402 N346NG NAC Aviation 23 Ltd., Billund (WFBNW/Nordic Aviation Capital)

Flew Trois-Rivieres, QC - Toronto-Pearson, ON 01-Sep-2016. Aircraft had been at Trois-Rivieres since arriving from Québec City on 24-Aug-2016. Previous to that, the aircraft was parked  at Québec since 28-Apr-2016, having arrived from Rockford, IL.


The above two arrivals should, by my calculation bring the number of ex-Republic Q400's stored in Toronto to eleven. Additionally, there are the two NTU Island Air aircraft which are awaiting delivery to Aurora in Russia.

N188WQ/N190WQ/N191WQ/N203WQ/N213WQ/N314WQ/N323NG/N328NG/N336NG/N342NG/N346NG and C-FPZS/C-FQBC.


With credit to Far North Queensland Skies, an update on the Skytrans DHC-8 fleet as of 03-Sep-2016: (in registration order)

DHC-8-102    MSN 5 VH-QQA - parked at CNS since Nov-2015
DHC-8-102    MSN 4 VH-QQB - in service from BNE, operating for Queensland Gas
DHC-8-102    MSN 8 VH-QQC - parked at CNS, heavy maintenance
DHC-8-102    MSN 14 VH-QQF - in service from CNS
DHC-8-102    MSN 36 VH-QQG - in service from CNS
DHC-8-102    MSN 117 VH-QQI - parked at CNS
DHC-8-311    MSN 286 VH-QQM - parked at CNS
DHC-8-311    MSN 232 VH-QQP - parked at CNS

3109 - Dorner Do328-100 C-FSCO Flair Airlines Ltd., Kelowna, BC

Registration cancelled 17-Jun-2016 due to sale. Registered to Shell Canada Ltd., Calgary, AB again 02-Sep-2016.

10596 - Fokker F27-500 ZK-PAX Airwork Flight Operations Ltd., Auckland

Flew New Zealand's final commercial Fokker F27 service 01-Sep-2016 Auckland - Christchurch - Auckland. This concludes 56 years of F27 operations in New Zealand.

2014 - Lockheed L-188C Electra C-GIZU Buffalo Airways Ltd., Yellowknife, NT

Registered 01-Sep-2016. The aircraft is seen below at Abbotsford, BC in Sep-2014 where it has been parked since 2011. Ex G-FIZU.

MSN 2014 - Lockheed L188C G-FIZU
Conair Group Inc.
Abbotsford, BC 16-Sep-2014
Kenneth I. Swartz Photo