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Friday, 6 May 2016

Aircraft Update for 06-May-2016

Updated: 1520 06-May-2016

  • Added entry for SAAB 340A MSN 043

Just to make sure people are aware, with respect to the scope of content for RTS, older turboprop aircraft such as the Convair, Electra, HS-748, Fokker F27 etc. are included when there is notable activity in the fleet. They may not be what is currently considered a "regional" aircraft, but they are the ones that broke the ground for today's fleets of ATR's and DHC-8's.

I look for activity in all of those historic types each day, it's just that there isn't a lot of volume!

On another note, remember that photo contributions are most welcome, particularly if you happen to have shots of the same aircraft featured in the entries below.

1206 - ATR-42-600 C6-BFS Bahamasair, Nassau

Updating blog entry for 03-May-2016; continued Tenerife-Norte - Ilha do Sal - Fortaleza - Cayenne - Antigua - Nassau 04/06-May-2016 on delivery.

4522 - DHC-8-402 C-GLWJ Westjet Encore Ltd., Calgary, AB

Registered 05-May-2016.

4523 - DHC-8-402 C-GXJZ Jazz Aviation LP, Enfield, NS

Flew Downsview, ON - Montréal-Trudeau, QC 05-May-2016 on delivery as JZA7096, fl/n 430. This is the 32nd Q400 for Jazz.

208-00261 - Cessna 208 C-GTBY Air Saguenay, Jonquière, QC

Registered to Superior Airways Ltd., Red Lake, ON 03-May-2016

Sander Geophysics Cessna 208B C-GSGY (MSN 208B-0600) is seen below at Glasgow yesterday with thanks to Iain Mackenzie.

MSN 208B-0600 -  Cessna 208B C-GSGY 
Sander Geophysics
Glasgow, Scotland 05-May-2016
Iain Mackenzie Photo

80 - Convair 580 C-FEKF Conair Group Inc., Abbotsford, BC

Lost directional control and departed runway on landing at Manning, AB 05-May-2016; the aircraft sustained major damage as a result of terrain adjacent to the runway, and is likely to be considered as beyond repair. C-FEKF was returning to the Manning fire base following working a wildfire in the area.

It can be seen in the photo below after the accident, courtesy of CBC, and in 2011 at Kamloops, BC with thanks to John Olafson.

MSN 80 - Convair 580 C-FEKF
Conair Group Inc.
Manning, AB 05-May-2016
CBC News Photo

MSN 80 - Convair 580 C-FEKF
Conair Group Inc.
Kamloops, BC 08-Aug-2011
John Olafson Photo

DC-891B - SA227DC C-GAAF Metro 23 Sunwest Aviation Ltd., Calgary, AB

Flew Mena, AR - Williston, ND - Edmonton-Int'l, AB 05-May-2016 following painting. The aircraft had been in Mena since 15-Apr-2016.

340A-043 - SAAB 340A C-GPCQ Pacific Coastal Airlines, Richmond, BC

Flew Vancouver, BC - Winnipeg, MB - Bangor, ME 06-May-2016.